I cant wait for today, even its already today!

*edit [2ndFeb2009
Actually today is Aza's birthday. Happy 17th Birthday Girl :)
Wishing you all the best, i hope you'll get a better life. OH! goodluck for your SPM aite. hoho, CHEERS! :D

*Pictures will be upload asap at my myspace*

Goodluck Netballers!

OhMaiGod, i just read Sabrina's new post. Its about mwt netballers. Nasib baik aku dah out, thx thx. Why am i out? Because there's a LITTLE problem. People who know, so they knew. Who dont know, let it be like that. umm, even if i tell them, will they concern? HAHA. its okayh. Nothing important though. But most of all, goodluck for the tournament soon, PLAYHARD guys! Dont give up! Actually, its quite sad that i cant play because the tournament is on this monday ke tuesday? tak igt. Everything happens in a short time so i cant avoid it. Hmmm, whatever. Just do your best guys. Please? :)

Its you


I promise that i will take good care of our stories :)
I LOVE YOU, i hope that's enough for you to know.
No one's perfect, just remember that you own me.
You just need to wait for a little time.
And i hope, You will :)


Sehitam langit di angkasa
Yang mendung memurungkan bumi
Takuti ke masa yang lalu
Menorehkan luka dalam hati

Tak Patut

Hidup dah mulai mengganas, yelahh kan, everything went wrong from what it should be. Im not so fine right now. But who cares aite? People pretend, so do i :) Harini, dengan pertolongan AfiqFitri, im so glad. Thx. Dont ask what its about, i wont tell anyone except for them "who know who", yeah. Tadi lepas balik tuition, i saw him at MCH corner, aku byebye dia, tapi maybe dia tak nampak and just went away with his friend. Its okay, idontmind:)

In whatever cases, i wish all the best for everyone, even for them who once annoyed me. I dont search for enemies, but it seems that they've found me HAHAHAH ;D. Idk what's my point for this post. btw, this is the main highlight;

- a small thing can change a big thing :)
- forgiveness is the best medicine in friendship :)
- love is still hurting sometimes, even when you're single :)
- feelings can change, but the memories'll stay if you want to :)
- ppl should tell the truth even they know how much it will hurt :)
- a smile can melt a heart, and so can break the heart into pieces :)

lots of love;





At last, i've found this song even it was an old song :)

Just a smile and the rain is gone
Can hardly believe it (yeah)
There's an angel standing next to me
Reaching for my heart

Just a smile and there's no way back
Can hardly believe it (yeah)
But there's an angel, she's calling me
Reaching for my heart

I know, that I'll be ok now
This time it's real

I lay my love on you
It's all I wanna do
Everytime I breathe I feel brand new
You open up my heart
Show me all your love, and walk right through
As I lay my love on you

I was lost in a lonely place
Could hardly even believe it (yeah)
Holding on to yesterdays
Far, far too long

Now I believe its ok cause this time it's real

I lay my love on you
It's all I wanna do
Everytime I breathe I feel brand new
You open up my heart
Show me all your love, and walk right through
As I lay my love on you

I never knew that love could fell so good

Like once in a lifetime
You change my world

I've found it

semalam aku happy sangat, tatau nape :)
skrang ni 5.45pg, aku baru habis gosok baju. haha, igt nak buat hwork bm, tapi karang ar, nk buat time pj&est. Oh , naim ade bwk balik sikit cake from Splendid, tmpat dia keje. Bolehlah tahan sedap, haha. tapi klau ade icecream tu lagi sedap, sumpah bai.

oh, i've something to write, idk if this will hurt anyone's feeling. But i think i should write this , ok?
mcmni, when you loved someone pretty much, you should tell them even you're already know that they liked you too. Dont be stupid for waiting and waiting. Lepas ckp baru lega, trust me bebeh. Love is a risk, so you must face all the possible risk-lah. ok? haa, this is open thing but i specially type this for ;


this is what i answer you,


im not syping anyone, its just one of my instincts that always tells me, that you loved her. Time kau add aku lagi, aku dah tau la bro ;)
get over it baby, oh, i hope tht SHE wouldnt be mad :)

ily, hahahhahahahahha

Terlalu Berlalu Dengan Cepat

its TUESDAY, and know what's going to happen. 4pm, latihan netball! 8pm, Tuition!! but i used to arrived at 7.45 kat tuition sbb Anwar al-Junid ask us to. so, balek netball dah pukul 7pm, xsempat punya aku nak mandi. haish. thankGod-lah Sejarah harini balik 1.30tghari. Lepasni, im getting more busy for the "KELAS BESTARI" because i've failed for addmath, physics and chemistry last year exam ;P, balik skolah pukul 3pm. awww, letihnya :(

btw, i've found a really cute quotes and i adore them <3333

If you ask me about the love,
I can't answer you.
But if you ask me who I love,
the answer is you.

Whenever we're apart
it feels like a part of me is missing
and then I remember,
you have my heart.

Last night I matched each star
with a reason for loving you.
I was doing great until I ran out of stars.

Each time i miss u,
a star falls down from the sky.
So, if you looked up at the sky,
and found it dark with no stars ,
it is all your fault,
You made me miss you too much.

XiR :)

Shame on me

omg omg omg, sumpah malu. why did i draw that little star? i didnt mean it much actually. its 28. and what's his point to draw it back? alaaamak, dia dah perasan sendiri. what should i do? what should i doooo? omaigod! munnnn help me , bai dol hao.dahla empat hari kene tgk muka dia.(seb bek goodlooking) ahhhh, ape2pon, im hoping tht he'll forget about this* ASAP! will you help me GOD?oh thx.

dushhhhh, just give up your R (^^,)


Hai ;)))))

okayh, nothing much to say here just nak congrats Irfan, he pass the computer test(lesen). Hahah, btw, hari ni rezeki aku murah gila! Tadi gi kak jee, suh Irfan blanje ice-blended. and then kak jee tanye xmkn ke, aku ckp x. pastu dia blanje nasi goreng kampung free! HAHAAHAH! and then singgah kedai oya beli lauk(mak suruh), then makcik tu bg sayur pucuk ubi free, byk plak tu. hahaha. suka betol aku xP

oh, kan ada cikgu baru yang jage "SPECIAL KIDS" kat SMKTM kan? he's cute and adorable. Well, nowdays kan susah nak cr laki yang boleh layan kerenah budak2 yang istimewa ni, tapi dia ok jea. i like him. ok? sekarang ni on mission nk tahu nama dia :) k, beware :D

dah, tade mase da ni. nk gi tuition. okeyh, tata! ilyXIR! :)


hai ppl =.=

hai again. HAI. haha. duh. im bored and i think i should post something!
FUCK ISRAEL! eh i mean, DESTROY ISRAEL. mereka terlalu kejam untuk hidup, gthell baby :)

ok, dah habis.

and, ni tgh msg ngan irfan, suh dia tggu jap. haha, sian dia.

k, i tatau lah. nak tanye ni!

oh, r**w**, sape kenal? muka dia mmg slalu mcmtu ke? tp bila dia senyum nape comel? and m*****r? mmg dia suka usha org lain mcm ke? scary ah =.="

and azim azri? dia tu dulu kawan myspace, and now my tuition mates but he doesnt recognized my face. haha, sedih. malas je nk tegur dia, segan =.=

oh yea, lama xmsg amirul. rindu dia but nvm, tggu je dia msg aku haha :D

k, NITE :D

im back


im sorry for not updating this blog for a while. Im kinda busy right now. And im trying to manage my time for all this internet stuffs. If im free, i'll update this blog. ok?

btw, my tuition is getting more interesting ;)

OH and IRFAN, i love you. hehe :)