Tak Patut

Hidup dah mulai mengganas, yelahh kan, everything went wrong from what it should be. Im not so fine right now. But who cares aite? People pretend, so do i :) Harini, dengan pertolongan AfiqFitri, im so glad. Thx. Dont ask what its about, i wont tell anyone except for them "who know who", yeah. Tadi lepas balik tuition, i saw him at MCH corner, aku byebye dia, tapi maybe dia tak nampak and just went away with his friend. Its okay, idontmind:)

In whatever cases, i wish all the best for everyone, even for them who once annoyed me. I dont search for enemies, but it seems that they've found me HAHAHAH ;D. Idk what's my point for this post. btw, this is the main highlight;

- a small thing can change a big thing :)
- forgiveness is the best medicine in friendship :)
- love is still hurting sometimes, even when you're single :)
- feelings can change, but the memories'll stay if you want to :)
- ppl should tell the truth even they know how much it will hurt :)
- a smile can melt a heart, and so can break the heart into pieces :)

lots of love;

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