This is several things(probs) that i listed out,
just to make you THINK

1) Private

2) Private


4) Untuk DIA, you know what's wrong, and what's right. So think. I love you. STILL. please take care out there. BE STRONG, i know im not at your place, but i know what you feel.

5) Yang ni taktaulah cik nak habaq lagu mana. budak ni salah faham, tapi tatau dia dah faham ka belum. kita bertanya kat kawan dia, tapi dia kata kita stalker. kalau kita nak jadi stalker awak pun, kat siapalah yang kita nk crite ha? none of my friends know you, sayang. There's nothing worth for me to stalk you. But, if you're hurt because what i've done or there's something wrong, IM SORRY. Nope, im not scared of you. But i just be an open minded person, org yang tidak egois, a person who dont type the keyboard to find enemies, and a im a person who can accept what ppl talk about myself. Im positive. I dont mind if you want to hate me, but it will be something that disturbing you for 4 days in a week. haha :P. Dan kalau awak tak puas hati lagi, kita boleh cakap face-to-face. Friend? :) *KES SELESAI


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