Hello. Today, im absent from school. Idk why, pemalas sungguh.

Semalam, balik tuition awal! haha, best woo, time tengah syok gila belajar addmath, lampu semua padam. Main suis terbakar. HAHA, sian tol. After that, I met Irfan. Lame tak jumpa dia. Well, he told me everything. Lepas dia cerita baru aku lega beb. Lagipun, dia dah tahu aku operation. Tapi aku still tak puas hati siapa yang cakap. Takpelah. Just hope yang dia take care <3

Hey, tekalah. Im not going to take accounting after SPM. And i think, i've made a great decision. Im going to take bussiness study. I aim for that. I'll be a succesful bussinesswoman one day. I WILL. get it? :D

And, Proton Satria Neo really get in my nerves. I want this car. Haha. Style dohh :D SUPPORT LAH BRAND MALAYSIA :p haha, okayh. Taa.

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